10 Food Items You Should Buy Organic

I could not agree more. This is good information on the most effective ways to start to shift to an organic lifestyle if you are just beginning.

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Buy Organic Food Buy Organic Food

  1. Apples:
  2. Apples happen to be the leader on the fruit list that are contaminated most with pesticides. Thus buying organic apples is a much wiser choice than going for non-organic ones if pesticides bother you. These are not only delicious and juicy but have a certain fragrance also.

  3. Meat:
  4. Organic beef came into prominence because farm owners and ranchers who produce it are strictly prohibited to inject their livestock with antibiotics for making them disease resistant. Organic meat is, therefore, much safer as growth hormones to plump up animals and poultry is never used, Cattle is fed grain that has been grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

  5. Milk:
  6. It is also much more advisable to buy organic milk, especially for the consumption of children as non-organic milk usually contains pesticides even though in small traces. Organic milk is also purer as organic dairies feed their cows grain…

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