So, why do I love food? I just love food; I live for food. I’m always thinking about what I’m going to eat for my next meal. I cook for family, friends, and anyone who is planning to share a table with me. Food brings people together and togetherness is what motivates me. I find myself excited about a new recipe, an ethnic dish I never ate before, and just plain fantastic dishes that I’ve had over and over again.

Most of my recipes have an important aspect…and hear me out…they are fresh (preferably straight from the farm), organic, and non GMO products whenever possible. Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t use or eat something just because it doesn’t fall into one of these categories. It means that I am aware, as everyone should be, how much good and bad I am putting into my body as well as my family’s. I’m a realist and understand it’s not possible to eat EVERYTHING organic and with the fancy non GMO label on it.

So my point is…eat quality food with quality ingredients. If you do, you might just see a difference in how you feel. I began to alter what I ate after experiencing a medical condition that I believe was triggered by my diet. This condition kicked off a personal experiment that is the real reason I focus on quality today. I can honestly say that the changes made and choices I continue to make are the reason I no longer experience the painful and embarrassing digestive issues I once had to deal with day in and day out.

This blog is intended to express my passion for food, share recipes, to provide education about the importance of using quality ingredients and thoughts on food that I’ve tried that was prepared by others. Oh and a little bit of travel in between 🙂 Take it for what you will…I hope I inspire you to create, explore, and enjoy food as much as I do.

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