Overnight Oats, Chia, and Then Some

Overnight Oats, Chia, and Then Some

Recipes for overnight oats are all over the net. Oats are pretty bland, for the most part, so I like to spice it up. The more I put in the better it tastes!  There are so many goodies you can include in your overnight oats including seeds, nuts, and/or fresh and dried fruits. Don’t stop there! You can use any kind of milk and a bit of your favorite sweetener too (just stay away from anything artificial). My point is, don’t limit yourself to just one recipe. Switch it up, put some variety into it and add some flavor!

This is just a side note but I like making these on a work night so I can grab my breakfast and walk out the door in the morning. Plus they’re a healthy way to start the day!

Make your own favorite combination out of these ingredient ideas. I would suggest only using one type of oats at a time and one type of milk with or with out yogurt. Put as many fruits, seeds, nuts and sweeteners in as you’d like. Take it easy on the sweeteners too, you don’t want a sugar high. 

Types of Oats:

    1. Organic rolled quick oats
    2. Steel cut
    3. Regular rolled oats
    4. Scottish oats

    Types of Seeds:

      1. Chia
      2. Sunflower
      3. Pumpkin
      4. Hemp
      5. Flax
      6. Sesame

      Types of nuts:

      1. Almonds 
      2. Cashews
      3. Peanuts 
      4. Pecans
      5. Pistachios 
      6. Walnuts

      Types of Fruits (fresh or dried):

      1. Blueberries
      2. Raspberries
      3. Strawberries 
      4. Cherries
      5. Currants
      6. Pomegranate 
      7. Acai berries
      8. Bananas
      9. Blackberries
      10. Dragon fruit (so pretty to look at and packed with nutrients but not much flavor)

      Types of Sweeteners:

      1. Agave
      2. Raw sugar
      3. Brown sugar
      4. Honey
      5. Maple Syrup

      Types of Milk:

      1. Traditional cows – whole, 2%, or skim (try to stick with organic)
      2. Plain Greek Yogurt in addition to your choice of milk (again organic)
      3. Almond
      4. Coconut
      5. Soy
      6. Rice

      I’ll share my personal favorite combo to give you a better idea. I put 2 Tbls of oats and chia and 1 Tbls of the other ingredients in a mason jar. At the end, I fill it up with milk. 

      • Quick oats
      • chia seeds
      • sunflower seeds
      • pumpkin seeds
      • flax seeds
      • almonds 
      • fresh blueberries
      • dried cherries
      • agave
      • organic milk
      • Greek yogurt

      P.S. All of my ingredients are organic even though I don’t always say it and highly suggest you do the same.



          Start The Day Off Right | Breakfast Sandwich

          Farm fresh, organic eggs are simply the best! They’re even better if you mix them with the right stuff. These items are the makings of my favorite Sunday breakfast. 

          What you need:

          • 2 eggs
          • 2 slices of Fresh Whole Grain Bread
          • Avocado
          • Your choice of greenery, butterhead lettuce is shown
          • 1 Slice of Cooper Cheese
          • 3 Tbls Greek Yogurt
          • 3-5 Dashes Hot Sauce
          • All-Season Salt
          • Black Pepper
          • Garlic Powder
          • 1Tbls Olive Oil
          1. Make the sauce. In a tiny dish, mix the yogurt, hot sauce, garlic powder, all-season salt, and pepper. You choose how much hot sauce to use. Deathwish is my absolute favorite and made from habanero peppers and cayenne, so, this is really spicy.  It should like like this…   
          2. Mash the avocado and spread it on one slice of bread. Spread the yogurt sauce on the other slice of bread and top with lettuce.         
          3. In a nonstick pan, coat olive oil and heat the pan on medium high heat. Crack the eggs into the pan. Cook on one side until the whites are almost cooked through.    
          4. Flip the eggs and put 1/2 slice of cheese over each egg. Cover and turn off the heat.    
          5. Put the eggs on the bread, put the top on the bottom and slice in half.